We send to international customers every day. The prices given on this website (products and shipping) is danish kroner, dkk. Orders received before 2pm will be packed and sent the same day. If you regret your purchase and want to return it, just inform us on and we will send you a return label. When we receive the package, we refund the purchase to your credit card. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Shipping cost listed A-Z

Austria, 39dkk

Australia, 79dkk

Belgium, 39dkk

Bulgaria, 59dkk

Canada 79dkk

Croatia, 59dkk

Czech Republic, 49dkk

Estonia, 49dkk

Faroe Islands, 59dkk

Finland, 49dkk

France, 39dkk

Germany, 29dkk

Greece, 69dkk

Greenland, 159dkk

Hungary, 49dkk

Iceland, 39dkk

Ireland, 49dkk

Italy, 39dkk

Japan 195dkk

Latvia, 49dkk

Luxembourg, 39dkk

Netherlands, 29dkk

Poland, 39dkk

Portugal 69dkk

Spain, 49dkk

Sweden, 29dkk

Switzerland 49dkk

United Kingdom 39dkk 

United States 89dkk